Intervention Dependency


Intervention Dependency

Intervention Dependency is authorized by Florida Statute 63.082. When a dependency case is brought by the Department of Children & Family Services, a birth parent may agree that they wish their child adopted by another person. The birth parent(s) have the right to choose an appropriate and qualified adoptive parent or parents for their own child. Clifford Family Law can help the adoptive parent(s) seeking to intervene. 

Challenges & Process of

Intervention Dependency

Clifford Family Law helps navigate challenges that may arise during the Intervention Dependency process. In some cases, parties other than the parent-selected adoptive parent are interested in adopting the child, or only one birth parent wants the child to be adopted. It is also possible that other parties involved in the case may oppose the birth parent’s selection. 

A Motion to Intervene must be filed after the identified adoptive parent(s) has been qualified to adopt with a good home study and with the written consent of the birth parent or parents.

We work with the court system and all parties to facilitate the intervention as quickly as possible.

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